Christmas Invite

Christmas Tree

I received this in an email today.  Wanted to pass this invitation along. 

Just click here..

Christmas Invitation

Blessings for He is the reason for the season.



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2 responses to “Christmas Invite

  1. Aw Pink.
    That is sooooo cool! Thanks for posting that. It’s wonderful. And how the heck do you make that xmas music play? Love it.

  2. Hi writerchick, welcome. Thanks for visiting. Glad you liked the invite. Somebody did a great job in composing the presentation, wouldn’t you agree?

    The Sonific Songspot is a sidebar widget I believe wordpress just recently added. Check out #4 on this link below… and when clicking to the next page from there will be a reference to register at

    Once registered, you can select one or more music selections of your choice at sonific. WordPress will walk through the application process from this link (above) on how to mesh with sonific. Any questions I’ll be glad to try to answer. Tidbit here.. you will have the choice at sonific to play the music once through or loop it, so be sure to check which one. Not sure how many songs can be added, but they will play and loop in order as you have selected them. Easy to move order around at anytime thereafter or delete. Best wishes, let me know how it goes. Visit anytime.

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