Think Pink Abundance

There’s a Pink Pig with abundance flowing from above.

We all love to take that to the bank.  I like hundred dollar bills forming in my account just like every other MK sister consultant.  The picture above gives me the visual of what I like to see resulting from my business efforts.  This is pink abundance that I will share with a new spin on thinking from a biblical standpoint.

Abundance comes in different forms from the Lord.  Knowledge, food, money to name a few.  What about the money part though?

Did you know that if you do the work, God will provide the reward?  We Christians know from whom all blessings flow.  It’s a sure thing when we believe.  Every single day give Him all the glory, all the praise, and all the thanks for everything that flows your way.

“Remember the Lord your God.  He is the one who gives you power to be successful, in order to fulfill the covenant he confirmed to your ancestors with an oath.”  Deuteronomy 8:18  NLT

The interpretation of giving you power to be successful doesn’t always have to mean that you will rise to the very top of your game.   Instead the interpretation of power to be successful is that you have the ability to get results.  You may very well get to the top of your game, but it is a sure thing that you have the ability to create your abundance, to make money, to be successful because you have the ability to do so through results.  We read it from scripture, His word is true.  Capeesh?

Bring on the hundred dollar bills through my power to be successful because I have the ability to get results.  Through my work efforts, I will prosper in pink abundance.

Did you also know that there are 7,000 promises by God in the Bible?  Promises that God stands on because He said them. And since He can’t lie and since He’s perfect in every way, then His Holy Word holds true forever and ever.  There are biblical reference scriptures to support God cannot lie.

Well, the reason that I’ve shared that with you is because when we study scripture and find a promise that applies to our situation, then we are to pray to our Lord God and quote His promise in our prayer.  It’s ok to do that, to pray from His promises.  Just as we can pray for the power to be successful which will give us abundance.

Blessings to each of you!




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4 responses to “Think Pink Abundance

  1. Thank you for such an inspirational post!

  2. Pink Biz, you are so wise…God bless you!

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    Thanks for the acknowledgement.


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