Pink Will Work

Will Work For Money Tin Sign

How’s this for a concept?  A brillant one actually.

Now I’m not thinking about the person on the street who holds up a sign for all to read implying that he/she will work for money.  I’m not just thinking about the money either.  Rather, my thoughts lie in the first person.

The ‘I’, the ‘me’ who is willing to work.  Willing to do this, willing to work for a need.  Willingly, will work.  See the difference?  I’m willing to do the work to make the money.

It’s key in my thinking that in order to make money, we have to work for it.  Was that ever a doubt in anyone’s mind?  I don’t really think so, but I often think there are some (former MK) who didn’t quite think they would have to work in order to make a go of their business.  Frankly, I don’t think work and stepping up to the plate became an interchangable thought process somehow along the way.  Only for some, you understand.

When we demonstrate a willingness to work and then actually go to work, it is only then that our WILL to work for money by golly makes us money.  Get my drift?

Some signs say will work for food.  Some say for shelter.  Some say for money.  Whatever the reason behind the willingness is icing on the cake, the reward.  For me, the reward is the money which was based on my willingness to begin with.  I had to decide that I was willing to work, then willing to do the work, and then willing to celebrate money as my abundance, my reward.

Pink Will Work for Money.  That’s me, and that’s the way it is.

I will work for abundance in my life.

Passing out a business card, making a call, booking an appointment, holding a facial, etc., etc., are all areas of work I’m willing to do.  Abundance results in multipling my efforts.  Being consistent in rendering myself WILLING to work.  Staying focused on my reward in the form of abundance.

How about the Pink Will within you, to work, to create abundance for yourself?  Abundance is simply waiting for the will to do the work.  Have some Pink Will.  Think Pink.



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4 responses to “Pink Will Work

  1. Love this! I know exactly what you mean. Things only happen when we work. What did Mary Kay say? “Nothing happens until someone sells something.” 🙂

  2. Excellent post.

    Then there is the mentality from all walks of life and I know we all see it everyday…the clerk who acts as if they could care less that you are shopping there….the waitress….you name it…it seems sometimes that work ethic has gone with the wind.

    I love this statement ” I had to decide that I was willing to work, then willing to do the work, and then willing to celebrate money as my abundance, my reward.”

    Yes, many want the results but do not want to work the way one needs to have that abundance.

  3. I agree shades, things only happen when we work (nothing happens until someone sells something).

    It is our WILL that starts the whole process of the work effort, our driving force from within. Pink Will makes the sale. Resulting in making money, thus creating abundance flowing into miss pink piggy bank.

    Angie, it really is all about the will from within, isn’t it?

    Thank goodness for Pink Will!

    Sidenote for Pink Ladies: If your Pink Will is running low, grab onto some today and make SOMETHING happen in you business! Get excited that you have a choice to do just that!

  4. Thinking of all Pink Ladies everywhere. 😀

    Have some Pink Will today to run toward your dreams. You are capable of so much!

    Why not challenge yourself to work with your Mary Kay director or senior and set your goal to achieve your dream. Planning is moving from point to point along your way to the dreams of your heart.

    PINK Will is where it all starts. The Will is from within to make a difference. I know you desire it. I know you can feel it, and I know your Pink Will is waiting for you to say, “Let’s Get Going!”

    Everything is based on our willingness to begin with! Get your Pink Will on girlfriends!! Pink Will Work…..for money, for abundance!

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