Uplifted Heart

Uplifted heart

The invisible heart.  We know it’s there.   

We equate it with both life and love and oh yes, with giving. 

Giving of ourselves.  What a gift!  The uplifted heart of the giver!

It’s who we are.  A dear and precious giver.  One who cares enough to give directly from the heart.  As Mary Kay women, we demonstrate an uplifted heart in the many ways that we give to our customers.  We feel the uplifted height through our customer who responds with a sincere smile and a quote of feeling truly beautiful.  An adoration of beauty that can be seen visibly in the mirror and across the heart of the receiver.  This is the view she has as a result of our lifting that cares.

Do you feel it today?  Do you feel the power and the connection to those who you service?  Do you feel its presence everyday?  The strategic value of the uplifted heart going out to others.  Truly, what a gift you hold!  An extraordinary gift that abounds from within and released by our own doing through our service to others.  Your gift included in a heartfelt service.  Helping women feel their exceptional beauty. 

Simply stated, cared for as well as cared about. 

Share your uplift with many others, more than ever before.  Make their Mary Kay experience special and give amazing customer service always.  Your own heart will be rewarded perhaps to heights you’ve never quite known.

Feel the power of love behind the uplift when caring for your Mary Kay customers.  Give freely.  Watch what a loving, uplifted heart can do in your business.  Remember…  

The heart of the giver makes the gift dear and precious. 

– M. L. King




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4 responses to “Uplifted Heart

  1. Beautiful! I need to do this more with my MK customers! Putting MK aside for a moment~I left you something at my place. Kinda goes along with this-lol! Hope you like! Thanks for caring about Patch!


  2. This is so beautiful and inspiring Pink Biz.

    Can’t help but think about the scripture ‘from the abundance of a man’s heart he speaks or something like that.
    Anyhoo it is touching. Imagine if we all were that way with our clients, our friends,& our loved ones.

    Thanks for the ‘apples of gold in settings of silver’

  3. You have the most beautiful sentiments posted on your site. I enjoy reading them when I get the chance to visit. I have been working hard on my customer service in MK this year. It is paying off. It’s amazing what a difference a small token of personal touch can do.

  4. You Go Girl! A little touch is what it’s all about! I am impressed with your pay off! What a heart you have and it obviously is showing to your customers! Thanks for sharing, I love it!

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