Easter Celebration!



Glory to God in the Highest, Christ Jesus is alive! 

Christ is Risen!!


Easter is the religious celebration commemorating the resurrection of Christ, observed in the Christian churches today. By the first Christian, it was considered to continue the feast of the Passover, at which the paschal lamb, a symbol of Christ, was sacrificed. Hence, its name in Greek, French, and other Roman languages is taken from Hebrew “Pesach” = Passover. The English name comes from the Anglo-Saxon “Eastre” – a goddess of light or spring, whose festival was celebrated in April.

  There was a long dispute in the Christian church as to the proper time for holding Easter, the Christian of the East celebrating it on the same day as that in which the Jewish Passover fell, that is, the 14th of Nissan, while the majority of the churches celebrated it on Sunday next after this day. The controversay was decided by the Council of Nice in 325 A.D., which fixed Easter on the first Sunday after the full moon, which happens on a Sunday. Easter is the Sunday after, properly speaking, “full moon” – meaning the 14th day after the moon.

EASTER never occurs before March 22nd, or after April 25th.

1950 April 9 1967 March 26 1984 April 22 2001 April 21
1951 March 25 1968 April 14 1985 April 7 2002 March 31
1952 April 13 1969 April 6 1986 March 30 2003 April 20
1953 April 5 1970 March 29 1987 April 19 2004 April 11
1954 April 18 1971 April 11 1988 April 3 2005 March 27
1955 April 10 1972 April 2 1989 March 26 2006 April 16
1956 April 1 1973 April 22 1990 April 15 2007 April 7
1957 April 21 1974 April 14 1991 March 31 2008 March 23
1958 April 6 1975 March 30 1992 April 19 2009 April 12
1959 March 29 1976 April 18 1993 April 11 2010 April 4
1960 April 17 1977 April 10 1994 April 3 2011 April 24
1961 April 2 1978 March 26 1995 April 16 2012 April 8
1962 April 22 1979 April 15 1996 April 7 2013 March 31
1963 April 14 1980 April 6 1997 March 30 2014 Aoril 20
1964 March 29 1981 April 19 1998 April 12 2015 April 5
1965 April 18 1982 April 11 1999 April 4 2016 March 27
1966 April 10 1983 April 3 2000 April 23 2017 Apri 15

Have a GLORIOUS Easter Week celebration!!!




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8 responses to “Easter Celebration!

  1. Wow, thank you for sharing this info.
    Happy Blessed Easter to you and yours.
    He is Risen!

  2. Happy Easter to you!

    Hope you get to have a really relaxing time!

  3. I’m glad someone else know when Easter is: The Sunday after the first full moon after the Spring Solstice! The full moon was so beautiful last night! This is a great post.

    I believe you have ESP. You always come by at just the right time to share you uplifting caring words with me! Thank you for your continued support and knee-mail.

    I have something for you at my place: http://mercedesrules.wordpress.com/2008/03/18/yummy-blog-award/

  4. BTW~In 1982, 1993, & 2004 I celebrated my birthday on Easter.

  5. Oh~another question: Do you have a blog somewhere else? I am thinking I should know this, but if you do I would like to visit you more often.

    Love Ya!

  6. That’s pretty cool, your birthday fell on those Easter Sundays. Two fantastic events celebrated!

    I don’t have another blog. Gee willickers girlfriend, I can hardly find time to post on this one. LOL! I’m just not much of a blogger as you can see, but I do enjoy communicating with others in this manner. I love the heart of people through words. For me, I just am not one to commit to a computer all that much. I have so much life I’m trying to live before I go upstairs. I did live on the computer at one time, but I freed myself from that habit. Anywho, I enjoy our visits. So glad I “met” you and Patch!

  7. I forgot to say thank you to all of you very fine ladies for your lovely and meaningful posts. Thanks for visiting! Hope your Easter was all you wanted it to be. Mine was wonderful.

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