Beauty and the Beast…10 Ways to Take Care of Yourself

1.  Know the symptoms of burnout, including chronic exhaustion, sleep changes, depression, loss of concern and empathy, feelings of anger and resentment.

2.  Keep healthful, easy-to-fix meals and snacks on hand, so you can re-energize yourself with good nutrition.

3.  Know your limits and respect them.

4.  Identify the things you have control over and tackle them.  Find ways to let go of the things you can’t control.

5.  Learn to manage stress in healthful ways:  use exercise, stretching, laughter, hobbies and other positive strategies.

6.  Every workday brings triumphs and failures.  Savor the triumphs and move beyond the failures.

7.  Watch your back!  Do the necessary things to keep you well and pay attention to things that are hazardous to your health, both illness and injury hazards.

8.  Look for ways to continue growing professionally and building confidence in your skills.

9.  Make time for your family and loved ones.  When you look back on your life, those moments will be the ones you treasure.

10.  Apply to yourself the good advice you give others every day!

 Pink Biz Note:  Go the extra mile for yourself so that you’ll look extraordinarily beautiful and well-cared for as you present yourself in your Mary Kay business.  Women can tell the difference!!  Be kind to thyself sister consultants!! 




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12 responses to “Beauty and the Beast…10 Ways to Take Care of Yourself

  1. Funny how timing is everything. I wish I had come across these tips a couple of weeks ago; that is, before the two week illness that I’ve just experienced. I would have benefited from these helpful reminders. Sometimes I just wear myself too thin. No, many times I’d say. The result this time was an over-extended illness which clearly threw up a red flag for me. So, I wanted to share these helpful reminders with others. It is my wish and prayer that you will take them to heart.

    Yesterday is gone.
    Tomorrow is not promised.
    Today is all that we have.

    Keep Beauty and the Beast in the best balance possible.
    Warm thoughts today and everyday.

  2. I often overexert myself as well. I could definitely follow #10 myself!

  3. Hmm, I’m feling over-exhausted at the moment, I’m going to re-read that list straight away!

    Hope you’re feeling better too. 🙂

  4. You are a precious angel here on earth and so very wise.. I love your wisdom. Mary Kay women are so unique and gifted..

    I have been in the same boat..I let my passion overrule my body sometimes.. Who am I kidding? Many times.

    I did better when my laptop was working. It was easier to blog with rather than sitting at my desktop. I could just be more relaxed, I think. So that is going to have to be a priority to get it up and running again.
    I need #10 desperately.

    The music is awesome..btw.

    Thank you for another lovely needed post.
    Love ya

  5. I just added you to my reader..So excited that Shades gave this tip. I get frustrated when I can’t get things to work fast enough when learning a new! who would have thought?

  6. Thanks Ladies!

    Exhaustion, stress, and not knowing my limits. More like ignoring my limits. I retake charge of me and vow to make a difference in my life. More sleep for starters. Surely my nighttime moisturizer will love me. I know I’ll love me for it too.

    Then some more “me” time is on my take charge agenda. I plan to look into taking a water aerobics class. Get fit, get healthy. Several months ago I started changing my eating habits. I’ve even gone salt free. There was a b-i-g change, but necessary. My blood pressure is all the better since Mrs. Dash has been added to my pantry. Chicken, turkey, salmon. Only occasional red meats.

    Diet, exercise, sleep. A fine balance indeed.

  7. Angie, what is the reader about? My blogging awareness is lacking in knowledge. I love finding out tips though!

  8. PB. You can get a free reader from Google and others. I have a google home page so I clicked more and got their reader..You can subscribe to the websites you like to visit often and can see when they have anything new. The great part is it is all in one place..saves time..You can click on an article they have that you want to comment on and their page will come up for you to do so.

    I am probably the wrong one to ask anything about Tech..Shades is awesome with the how to’s. She has helped me so much with things that probably are quite simple for those used to the ‘computer age’. I had never touched a computer until about 7-8 years ago and I was never great at detail.:(

    Yall gotta remember..I could be your Mama ……probably your! 🙂

  9. Hello! So sorry you were sick! So glad you are doing better!

    Awesome tips here! I most definitely must start following #10! I have something for you at my place because I love you to the moon and back! Check it out here:

    Have a great week!

  10. Age-defying knowledge is what I always say. I know I’m older, but I still maintain I have more insurance. Remember the actress on Fried Green Tomatoes (great movie) that became a Mary Kay Consultant? She had more insurance too—hehe!

    Angie, thanks for the reader tip. I found it right away, having Google as my home page too. I should really click on some of those links from time to time, to learn about them that is. Thanks Shades for being computer tech saavy!! I can get by with a little help from my friends!! Alright!!

    Say, now what is PB? I don’t know all the lingo, just most….lol!

  11. colleen

    I dont work as hard as I should!!! I only overexerted myself when I was younger.

  12. Hi Colleen, I have been changing gears to slow down my pace permanently. Saying no to things I really can’t take on. Trying to rest more. It’s a good thing to balance exertion I think. You’ve made me think about age and activity. Something that needs my consideration. Thanks for visiting, I enjoy your comments.

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