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Think Pink Soapbox

Have to say that I saved this cute pic from another site, and I think if my memory serves me correct it was from My Pink Truth several months back.  Anyway, I thank the site and owner for use of the pic even though I can’t remember who to even ask if I could borrow it.  Good intent here to give credit where credit is due.

I have to climb on the soapbox here, as I strongly feel the need to share my thoughts and concerns about an email I read from a sister consultant who offered up this suggestion for moving your inventory off your shelves.  The email went out across a yahoo group for MK consultants. 

Here’s how it read:

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What Can I Do?

Summer fun is HERE!  Lots of great outdoor water activities to choose from.  As well as a number of other outdoor activities.  Beach or poolside, tennis court or golf course, the sun is HOT!!  Soaking up those rays, even minimal exposure, can attribute to sun damage and skin cancer.  You may want to ask yourself, “What Can I Do?”   

Help create a level of exposure for yourself.  Take advantage of continued education surrounding the sun and your skin.  Understand the importance of knowledge preparation and precautionary applications.  Both are equally important in the defense of SUN protection.

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