What Can I Do?

Summer fun is HERE!  Lots of great outdoor water activities to choose from.  As well as a number of other outdoor activities.  Beach or poolside, tennis court or golf course, the sun is HOT!!  Soaking up those rays, even minimal exposure, can attribute to sun damage and skin cancer.  You may want to ask yourself, “What Can I Do?”   

Help create a level of exposure for yourself.  Take advantage of continued education surrounding the sun and your skin.  Understand the importance of knowledge preparation and precautionary applications.  Both are equally important in the defense of SUN protection.

Check out all the great info here:  http://www.cancer.org/docroot/PED/content/ped_7_1_Skin_Cancer_Detection_What_You_Can_Do.asp

Learn about Mary Kay’s Sun Care Collection:    http://www.marykay.com/spabody/suncarecollection/default.aspx

Visit to learn about The Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation:  Women and Cancer:  http://www.mkacf.org/WomenAndCancer.aspx

Share the benefits of our products with customers. 

It may help to save a life!  Perhaps even yours or mine!







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10 responses to “What Can I Do?

  1. Hi Pink Biz, hope you are doing wonderfully.
    Yes summer is here, joy joy joy!


  2. I’m doing great Angie! Taking my water bottle everywhere I go to beat the heat here in Houston. Mary Kay sunscreen is my best friend this season! Stay cool wherever you are!

  3. Summer finally showed up here, too! 90+ these past couple days. I like it HOT! 😎 Happy June and Happy Summer! 😀

  4. Shades, the summer heat is soaring up your way!
    Stay hydrated MK girlfriend! Be cool!

    Around my household, the family is loving Mary Kay’s After-Sun Replenishing Gel. Teenagers are not going to stay out of the sun, so I protect and replenish (sunscreen and gel). A welcomed combo by us all!

  5. I am so very aware of the risks of skin cancer. My dearest best friend died of malignant melanoma when she was just 47 years old. She wasn’t a great sunbather, she didn’t use sun beds – she didn’t spend oodles of time outdoors in the sun, she didn’t drive an open top car – yet she still got skin cancer that metastasized to her bones and died. It was a painful and awful death.

    So your advice should be taken really seriously by all your readers, it is excellent. No one should think they are exempt. Thank you.

    Gilly (1944 – 1992) RIP.

    To read more about Gilly follow the link: http://j9marshall.wordpress.com/2007/07/18/to-live-in-the-hearts-of-those-you-love-is-not-to-die/

  6. I don’t get in the sun much anymore~for fear of skin cancer. I do need to wear stronger sun protection when I am out for recess. I do have a “recess” tan~like a “farmer’s” tan…face and arms-but other than that: no sun for me. I am the whitest I have ever been-but that is ok! I don’t lay in tanning beds anymore either-quit that about 2 years ago. Gotta protect my skin!

  7. Author, I’m sorry to read of the loss of your best friend, Gilly. What an endearing and treasured friendship. We are very fortunate in this lifetime to ever have a meaningful friendship such as yours. Melanoma, a devastating cancer and ghastly disease. The sister of one of my closest friends, died from melanoma. A well-respected school principal who worked with a passion throughout her career. 51 years of age at the time of her passing. Lived in a waterfront home and spent hours in the sun unlike your friend. Her name was Sandra, and she wept so when she would look into my eyes. We both knew the outcome despite treatment (which was grossly diagnosed in error initially). Time was not her friend.

    My heart yearns for many individuals to know how sun protection can yield great defense against skin cancers and deadly melanoma. It is essential to be abreast of this information. Gilly was the exception to the rule in regard to developing melanoma with little history of exposure. I do not know the statistics, but I do know it is very uncommon and uncharacteristic.

  8. Thanks Pink Biz. Gilly was a once in a lifetime friendship.

    If just one person who reads your post is saved it will have been worthwhile doing. Raising awareness is so very important – so thanks again.

  9. You’re welcome, and thank you for sharing Gilly.

    Last night I heard a report on the local news about the dangers of tanning beds. Glad it was broadcast. Hope it too gave awareness to all who happened to be watching. The report actually was centered around a young adult female, 22, who now is battling melanoma. Thinking it was safer, she frequented the tanning salon to gain her tan instead of from the direct sun. She wanted to get the word out to others about the hazards of tanning beds.

    Mercedes, I’m without a tan period. I’m very fair with a slight pink undertone (Ivory 104). I burn easily which I dislike immensely. Ah, the sting of the sun is not my favorite thing to have happen!

  10. I know what you mean~and my head burns too-ouch! I am Sharing the Love at my place!

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