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Value in the doing

Behind every fortune is someone who has labored long into the night to make it real.

Behind every important discovery is a person who often grew weary searching for it.

Behind the magnificent work of art is an artist who spent hour after hour, month after month toiling at tasks that were tedious and seemingly endless. Behind the beautiful, soaring music is a composer who carefully arranged each note, each pause, each crescendo into place.

Take heart. Your effort cannot help but pay off.

The fact is, your effort is the payoff. The fortune, the discovery, the work of art, and the music, as grand as they are, serve as mere tokens of the achievement.

The real achievement is in the achieving, and the real value is in the doing. Sincere, focused effort makes your life rich, even as you do it.

Make the effort and the reward is guaranteed. For the biggest reward is in the doing.

— Ralph Marston  July 21, 2008

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My New Mary Kay Year

This is my newly acquired slogan.  Like it?  Personally, it intrigues me. 

I, like many others, often need a nudge to wrap up, finish up, or move things right along.  From the incomplete to the complete.  From the almost done to the done,  From the desk to the appropriate location in the file cabinet  (I like paper trails).  From the thought of doing the work to the action exhibited to make it a done deal.  More importantly, I wanted to adopt a slogan that would steady my pace of IPA’s (Income Producing Activities) on a daily basis.  I want to face the positives as well as the setbacks and roadblocks upfront with a positive line of thinking.  As my New Mary Kay Year has taken off, I want to ‘bust-a-move’ to make my new year goals become a reality!  It’s MY YEAR to shine!!

Does the wording, “out of the strain” bother anyone?  Does it seem to have a negative connotation in a way?  I thought so at first and then I began to think about it differently.  I felt like the intended strain of the matter was the stretching I will (am) doing on a daily basis to reach my intended goals.  Still, the word strain might be a slight odd for some to think about.  I have chosen to analogize it as the stretch to get me “into the peace of the done”. 

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