My New Mary Kay Year

This is my newly acquired slogan.  Like it?  Personally, it intrigues me. 

I, like many others, often need a nudge to wrap up, finish up, or move things right along.  From the incomplete to the complete.  From the almost done to the done,  From the desk to the appropriate location in the file cabinet  (I like paper trails).  From the thought of doing the work to the action exhibited to make it a done deal.  More importantly, I wanted to adopt a slogan that would steady my pace of IPA’s (Income Producing Activities) on a daily basis.  I want to face the positives as well as the setbacks and roadblocks upfront with a positive line of thinking.  As my New Mary Kay Year has taken off, I want to ‘bust-a-move’ to make my new year goals become a reality!  It’s MY YEAR to shine!!

Does the wording, “out of the strain” bother anyone?  Does it seem to have a negative connotation in a way?  I thought so at first and then I began to think about it differently.  I felt like the intended strain of the matter was the stretching I will (am) doing on a daily basis to reach my intended goals.  Still, the word strain might be a slight odd for some to think about.  I have chosen to analogize it as the stretch to get me “into the peace of the done”. 

If it’s to be…..It’s up to me!  That’s exactly correct.  It is truly up to me to make things happen.  To get from the strain to the peace.  To get from the stretch to the lofty end.  To make my goals both reachable and obtainable by stretching to completion.

Notice the slogan is portrayed on a scroll similar to a graduation degree.  How clever the symbolisim is here!  The implication of graduating from one side to the other.  Reaching completion of the end.  In effect, reaching one’s goal(s).

That’s exactly how I want to think as I stretch each day to reach My New Mary Kay Year-end goals.  I definitely want to appoint myself as the thinker of graduating from one side to the other due to stretching on a daily basis.

It’s my newly adopted slogan.  One that I can take with me each day throughout my journey this seminar year.  After all, it is the daily work activities that will culminate into the realm of the year end graduation with rewards.  What a year it’s going to be!!  I’m living it right now and steppin’ up and out!

Best to each of you ladies on your personal endeavors in your MK journey!  Make it YOUR best year ever!  Shine like never before!  Stretch and move it into the peace of the done.  Take your goals all the way to graduation!!  See you on stage at Seminar ’09!!



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4 responses to “My New Mary Kay Year

  1. Great Motto! I just need to stop procrastinating! I used to be so organized…but I have slacked lately! Good Luck on your new year!


  2. Best to you Mere! Ooh, I can be a slacker too. Staying organized in all aspects of life drives me a little bonkers at times. What a fuss I can make then, especially when I’m slackin’-haha!

  3. Love the motto! Happy New Year (even in July!!)

  4. Hi Author! MK women celebrate a new Mary Kay year each July 1. Selecting new goals to work toward rewards throughout the year as well as year end. It’s like a breath of fresh air when we embark upon a new year. Thanks for sharing your wonderful sentiments! You are appreciated!

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