Customer service check

“It costs five times as much to attract a new customer as it does to maintain an established one. So determine to make your customer the happiest in town. If you will take care of your customers, they will take care of you.” —Mary Kay

Rate this.  There’s excellent and there’s poor.  Seems to me that there’s no inbetween when it comes to the rating of customer service.  Only two categories of choice available.  

Anything less than excellent is viewed substandard, uncaring, poor performance, rude, no excuse good enough, unfair, unacceptable, unforgiveable, and let us not forget majorly disappointing. 

A poor service check would pretty much reveal one or more of those labels of customer dissatisfaction.  Wouldn’t you agree?  Several important factors need to be realized to establish and maintain excellent customer satisfaction.

Being a woman of your word means everything to your customer.  Sales Director Cleta Mitchell says,

“If you tell a customer that you are going to deliver a certain time or day – write it down and show up with the correct products!  Double check your orders to be sure you are not leaving anything out or have grabbed the wrong formula or color.  Have change available if needed and always dress professional!”

Anytime we make any type of committment to our customers, we need to follow through and follow true on those committments.  We gain the trust of people when we do what we say we will do.  Your word is your promise of excellent customer satisfaction!  We must all keep that in mind.  Customers WILL be lost if we don’t follow true on committment.  Call her when you say you will, show up when you say you will, be available when you say you will.  Email, voice mail, or postal mail when you say you will.  Stand strong and tall on your word.  Build customer relationships for LIFE!  Your integrity with your customers is absolutely everything!

 Being appreciative of your customer goes a long way too, and Sales Director Cleta Mitchell shares with us…

  • Send Thank you notes to your customers the day after for being hostesses.
  • Send Thank you notes with a discount to a customer who has given you a buying referral.  “Thank you so much for referring Janet to me as a customer!  As my thank you, take 15% off your next Mary Kay order!  I appreciate you!!!”
  • Offer to help with Weddings, Special Occasions, Family Portraits, and Gift-Giving for your customers.  All these things tie your customer to you for life!
  • Send Birthday cards, Anniversary cards, congrats on new baby cards, graduations, weddings, and other special occasion cards.  Always include a little discount special with your card!

Part II —————————————————————

Being in touch regularly with your customer means you care enough to remember.  Sales Director Cleta Mitchell has some wonderful advise when she says…

“The main thing is to get a system that you can work with and be consistent in following up.”

Never has a more true word been spoken!!  Developing a system for followup.  I don’t know about anyone else, but this was my downfall for a long time.  Half the time I couldn’t remember where I had put my datebook in my office.  I would search for it all the time (wasn’t really important, huh?).  I guess that may have been one good reason why I had snow blindness in my book for weeks, right?!  When I did locate it, I had to familarize myself with it all over again.  Next, a shoebox method didn’t work for me.  As for the computer method, I had a rash of computer crashes and decided against maintaining followup online.  It may be for you, but I’ve chosen to maintain my datebook as much as possible.  We’re best friends now with a special place at all times on my desk.

When do I contact my customers and how often?  (staying in front of your customers!)  Sales Director Cleta Mitchell goes on to share with all of us.  (Developing a system that you can work with!)

A.  Contact your customer 2 days after initial introduction and purchase of MK products.  This is a courtesy call ~ not to sell her anything.  “How are you enjoying your TimeWise set?  Do you have any questions or concerns?  Are you getting the benefits we discussed?  Is there anything else I can help you with at this time?  (Pink Biz note:  Let her know your next followup call with be in 2 weeks).  Finally, how often would you like to be contacted?  Once a month,  every other month, or quarterly?  Where is the best place to call you – home or work?  Set up Second Facial if possible!

B.  Contact your customer 2 weeks after her purchase of the skin care.  Preferably by doing a second facial where she has invited 3-4 of her friends to join her.  Entice her with this by offering a Glamour Appointment before the class just for her ~ using all the liners and such and pick out a special LOOK just for her!!!  If not ~ schedule a day in your home (or training center perhaps) once a month for second facials.

C.  Contact your customers every 2 months unless they have requested you call them every month.  Ways to keep up with who to call when…

Methods of organization to stay accountable.  Whatever works for YOU is best!  Just find your organization and method and stick to it.  That’s what counts.

  1. Flip over 2 months in your datebook after initial purchase and write her name and number down to call – this will let you know exactly what phone calls you need to make each day.
  2. Use a system like Boulevard or Beauty Advisor and set followups on your computer to remind you to call.
  3. Use a filing system and move her card (maybe just the top copy) to the month/day you need to call her.
  4. Set up email reminders on your My Customers via Intouch website.

Reminder:  “The main thing is to get a system that you can work with and be consistent in following up.”


RECAP:  THE CUSTOMER is the one who:

  • deserves our word to be true 
  • deserves our appreciation 
  • deserves our followup  

In conclusion, Sales Director Cleta Mitchell says,

“Remember that a happy customer will go out and tell 1 or 2 people how good you are ~ but an unhappy one will go out and tell the first 10 people she sees!  It is much easier to KEEP a customer than to FIND a new one!  In Mary Kay we do both ~ we KEEP our customers happy and satisfied and we are constantly FINDING new ones as well!  The most important thing is to apply The Golden Rule to every situation with your customers.  How would YOU like to be treated if you were the customer??  When you answer that honestly ~ you will know EXACTLY how to be the greatest Beauty Consultant on Earth!!

Happiness is… A Happy Customer!

A Happy Customer leads to….. A Happy Hostess who leads to…..     

A Happy Guest who leads to….. A Happy New Team Member who leads you to…..

A FREE CAR that leads you to…..

A Step Up on the Career Ladder which leads to…..

YOU being a HAPPY NEW DIRECTOR which leads to…..

More Money and Freedom which leads to…..

A Happy HUSBAND and Happy Children which leads to…..

A Happier and more SUCCESSFUL YOU!!!!!




THANKS TO SALES DIRECTOR CLETA MITCHELL for all these great points!!!


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6 responses to “Customer service check

  1. I love the customer service tips. It is so true. I can not wait to read part II.

    Also, if you haven’t visited my blog lately, the Holiday season is right around the corner! Another great opportunity for good customer service and gift giving.

  2. Those are great! Customer service is an area upon which I am still improving. I like the discount for a customer who referred a new customer. Great idea! BTW, I emailed you that survey. It came from my personal email. Let me know that you did get it. 😀

  3. I found the file you were talking about on Pink Inspiration. Thank you! It took me a minute to find it, but I just woke up, so I guess I’m still groggy. 😛
    It’s been a long time since I used that forum. My homepage was still listed with my old blog URL! LOL

  4. You’re welcome! I like both files, but think I actually prefer your two to a page because it’s easier to fill out and to read!

  5. What a great round up of customer service tips PB.
    We just talked about this Tuesday night. I suggested to the consultants that may have been lax or a bit afraid to call their clients (yes, some think they are being pushy to call) to have a simple script before them and say something like this:

    I have made it my goal to give good customer service this year and with your permission, I would love to call you every 2 months to see if there is anything you need or anything I can help you with.
    I don’t want you to feel that you must purchase anything, I just want to make sure you have what you need before you run out and to let you know about anything new or any specials I may have.
    Would you be game for that or would you rather I call every month? Which is best for you?

    That kind of took some of the fear out of it or so they said..easier to ask permission I guess and to give a hint of something special sometimes.

    Great Post.
    Hugs to ya!

  6. Love this, Angie! I have had this suggested to me recently by some others. It’s great advice. I’m going to use it when these next Look Books go out. Thank you! 😀

    Pink Biz, I like the two to a page, too. Much easier to read and fill out. And, writing is more legible when there is more space! 😉

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