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An affirmation is saying “yes” to life. In doing so, it’s important to identify what you want, not what you don’t. Most people live in the wasteland of what they do not have or want; life seems bleak because they see a lack, a shortage of what they need or desire. The Law of Attraction does not understand “no,” and so if you were to say, “I do not want to be poor” the Law of Attraction would hear, “I do want to be poor.” Poor is the focus of that statement, and so it would bring you more experiences of being poor. Not what you would intend, is it?
Because of this, you want to always phrase your affirmation in the positive. “I want to have an abundant lifestyle with plenty of money in the bank” is a better way of stating it.  An even better way is to eliminate the “I want” part in the front; instead, state your desire or goal as if it is already here, already real and part of your everyday experience: “I am enjoying an abundant lifestyle with plenty of money in the bank.” Can you feel the difference within you as you say those two affirmations?
“Every thought you think and every word you say is an affirmation. Your thoughts and words are declarations of who you think you are and how you perceive the world to be.”

Pink Biz Note:  This came in an email today from a MK Yahoo Group.  A consultant thanked her director for sending it to her, and she shared it with the group.



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3 responses to “Think Affirmation

  1. Excellent.
    When I was going for Directorship back in the long ago. I had been in a class, (think it was National Holly Zick) that suggested making a tape with your affirmations on it and getting a pillow mike and listening to it every night. Of Course in your car and other times, but I had never thought of a pillow mike. I think it worked. My mind evidently did not know the difference between my reality and what could be. Thank goodness! We do have to believe it before we can see it. What is that saying..whatever the mind can conceive and believe..I conceived plenty…my mind just did not believe it so I needed the tape & pillow mike.

  2. This is powerful. You know what I figured out awhile ago? When I don’t want to forget something; I forget it. When I want to REMEMBER something; I remember. It’s the mental verbiage we use that dictates what happens. I do believe that. So, if there is something I absolutely MUST remember to do or bring with me the next day; I have trained myself to think as I am going to sleep, “tomorrow I will remember to grab customer’s order before work.” If I say, “I will not forget customer’s order tomorrow.” Guess what happens? I forget! And it has something to do with using the word forget!

  3. Superb points Angie and Shades. What an impact it has made in my thinking today after reading your responses. Amazing how others thoughts can convey and fill a need. Great input! Thanks!

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