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“Would You Like…”

Most people in marketing have heard how McDonalds® added an “upsell” to every order. Right before the sale was rung up, the cashier asked if the customer would be interested in adding french fries to their order. McDonalds® made millions selling french fries using this simple technique. Yes, millions.

The upsell is a smart, skillful, and easy way to add product to any order. But here’s the interesting thing about that McDonalds® campaign.


Most people think the line was,

“Do you want fries with that?”

The actual line taught to McDonald’s workers was,

“Would you like fries with that?”

Read those two lines again and see which one actually makes you want to say, “yes.” After extensive testing, they found that the second line overwhelmingly won out. But why?

“Do you want?” points out the very fact that I am wanting; that I lack something. It actually asks if I “want to want!” It’s easy to say no to wanting something.

“Would you like?” makes me feel that I already possess it. I don’t have to want, I can simply say, “yes” and it’s mine.

Your customer already wants to buy, she has her wallet open, and you’ve already sold something to her so she’s in a buying frame of mind. Adding one more item is easy for her. Just make sure you ask, “Would you like…” and not, “Do you want…”

Examples: “Would you like…

  • an extra lipstick for your purse or gym bag?
  • a few of these for birthday gifts?
  • to try the night cream as well?
  • one for each bathroom?
  • to hear about how you can get all your future orders for half price?

Now go have a POWERFUL day!
– Ann Vertel, UnitCoach


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3 responses to “UnitCoach.com Featured Article

  1. I finally got to read your wonderful blog. It’s good to find people whose lives were already touched by God. You are right. God provides–HE is the most powerful Being.

    I have just started with Mary Kay and I’m looking forward to a great career ahead. c”,) Your testimony on how MK saved you and your family, financially, is very inspiring. Keep in touch, dear friend and let’s keep inspiring other people through this business.

  2. Welcome again to Mary Kay and thanks for visiting! Warm wishes for a beautiful journey, and may you enjoy everything that you experience in your MK career. There are so many awesome things along the way. I’m excited for you!! Have a great start ahead and know that lots of MK sisters will be cheering you on! I would love to share and keep in touch.

    From the heart,
    Pink Biz

  3. Visit http://www.unitcoach.com or click on the link below to read this wonderful article!! Thank you Ann Vertel!! You Rock!!


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