D.I.S.C. – Personalities


(Career-focused, Results-oriented)
They want RESULTS

(Recognition-focused, People-oriented)

(Security-focused, Family-oriented)

(Analytically-focused, Detail-oriented)
They want DATA 

Ms. Go-Getter

You love a good challenge, and you’ve got what it takes to succeed! You’re decisive, not afraid of hard work and are on the lookout for ways to advance. That’s why the Mary Kay business opportunity would be so perfect for you! You can take charge of where your life is going, choose how quickly you will advance and enjoy the challenges of new and exciting experiences. The Mary Kay business opportunity suits your individual drive, independence and desire for success.

  Ms. Motivation

(Recognition-focused, People-oriented)

You’re a people-person with personality-plus! You know how to motivate people with your enthusiasm and zest for life and people are attracted to your ideas and opinions. You’re a team player all the way, love social recognition and helping others achieve their dreams. That’s why the Mary Kay business opportunity would be such a perfect fit for you. You’ll have the chance to build lasting relationships, enjoy lots of contact with others and express your creativity through innovative sales and marketing.

  Ms. Team Spirit

You love helping others. You’re always willing to do your part to make sure the job gets done and you do it with enthusiasm and commitment. You’re a good listener and great at coming up with solutions to problems. And while your professional life and the people involved in it are important to you, you also put a high priority on your family and friends. That’s part of the beauty of a Mary Kay business. It allows you the flexibility to work your schedule around your loved ones — not vice versa. And it provides you with the opportunity to use your outstanding people skills every day.

  Ms. Attention-to-Detail

(Analytically-focused, Detail-oriented)

For you, it’s all about the details and taking the systematic approach to success! As long as you have a plan, you can achieve anything because you have no problem working hard to become the best at what you do. You’ve got great insight skills and are not afraid to say what you mean. Armed with the tools you’ll need to get started, products you can believe in and a proven history of success, the Mary Kay business opportunity is a no-nonsense option for you.



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One response to “D.I.S.C. – Personalities

  1. I’m a combo Ms. Go-Getter and Ms. Attention-to-Detail.
    Which one(s) are you?

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