Seasonal Sales: Halloween


What will you be for HALL-O-WEEN?

As Party Plan People, we all wear different “hats” in our businesses:
consultant, leader, salesperson, teacher –
So this season, to have a little fun, let’s do the TWIST and look at
the kind of costumes you can wear to add more
Sweet Successes and Juicy Profits to your business:

Be a Witch by asking customers:
  • Witch date do you want?
  • Witch product did you like the best?
  • Witch hostess gift do you want at your house?
  • Witch of my company benefits appeal most to you?
  • Witch payment plan works best for you – retail, wholesale or FREE?  



Let your customers know:
  • Owl be glad to teach you how to________________ (how your product/service will benefit her)
  • Owl call you back when you ask
  • Owl give product demonstrations to educate and entertain your friends
  • Owl work with you to have the best home party you’ve ever had
  • Owl show you how you can make money, not just qualify for gifts
  • Owl provide an extra service to you by mailing written invitations to your party
  • Cat you host a holiday party?
  • Cat you come to a BOO Meeting with me?**
  • Cat you bring a guest to the party?
  • Cat you increase your paycheck anytime you want to?
       ·  Web’s be business partners
       ·  Web’s schedule a party for Halloween
       ·  Web’s get a head start on holiday shopping

Don’t be spooked when it comes to talking to your customers! Connect with them and explain the treats you offer at your home parties! Get out and HOWL about what people will WIN when they schedule a party with you.




Want to ” Treat”  yourself this Holiday Season?
Well, here’s some “Tricks” that can make it happen for YOU!

1.  TREAT yourself to the new Holiday Colors…are you using them…loving them…sharing them!!  They are fabulous and…how will you ever expect your customers to purchase them if you aren’t willing to treat yourself to them at half price!!

2.  TREAT yourself to a new “costume”… .one that SCREAMS success!!!  How about a new hairdo…or a new outfit?  Whatever it is…just look a cut above those women you are around!

3.  The TRICK to becoming successful is to “Dream Big” and Believe it will happpen!  Are you dreaming of wearing the Red Jacket by the end of October?  How about the Director’s Suit?  Are you doing the activity to get you to where you want to go? 

4.  Are you ready to meet new women?  Is your On-the Go Bag ready with TREATS to make others feel BOOOOTIFUL!!  Have you set a goal for this week…How many TREATS are you going to give out?  5-10-20-50!! !  Where are you going…Restaurants , Banks, Neighbors, Shopping…are your TRICK or TREAT Bags made up to give out…How about this…You can buy “halloween” microwave popcorn…how about a note that says…”I would love to POP IN and share a few TRICKS to make you more booootiful!”   Pass these out everywhere you go!!

5.  Know that responsibilities of moving up are not nearly as SCAREY as being in the same place 5 years from now…improve your skills…improve the “tricks of the trade”…school is never out…that’s why there is no “burn out!” 










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  2. I added on some “Treats” and “Tricks” for all the MK Ladies today!

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