Beauty of a Woman

“I like looking at beautiful women. We all like looking at beautiful women.” – Meredith Vieira, The View  (former View co-host), The Today Show, Who Wants To Be a Millionarie. 

Did you know that April was beautiful Women month? I didn’t.


But it was. And I came across some very interesting facts about women and thought I’d share them with you all. I hope they give you all a new perspective on women.  (by Brian Webber, 5/20/2001 — interesting stats at that point in time) 

There are 3 billion women who don’t look like supermodels and only eight who do.

Marilyn Monroe wore a size 14.

One out of every four college aged women has an eating disorder.

The average woman weighs 144 pounds and wears between a size 12 – 14.

If Barbie was a real woman, she’d have to walk on all fours due to her proportions.

The models in the magazines are airbrushed – not perfect!

A psychological study in 1995 found that three minutes spent looking at a fashion magazine caused 70% of women to feel depressed, guilty and shameful.

Twenty years ago, Models weighed 8% less than the average woman. Today, they weigh 23% less.

The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure she carries or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman must be seen from her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides. The beauty of a woman is not in the facial mole, but true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows. The beauty of a woman with passing years – only grows.

Another thought to share…..

An English professor wrote the words, “Woman without her man is nothing,”  on the blackboard and directed the students to punctuate it correctly.

The MEN wrote:

“Woman, without her man, is nothing.”

The Women wrote:

“Woman!  Without her, man is nothing.”



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2 responses to “Beauty of a Woman

  1. This is lovely PB.
    We have created artificial/superficial (such as airbrushing and super thin models) role models for defining beauty. I have known as I am sure you do many who were less than perfect on the outside but seemed beautiful to me. Then there are those who look great at first glance and soon seem close to ugly.
    Thank you for sharing this. Meanwhile, I got to go color my hair and microdermabrasion. LOL!

    Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!

  2. Hi Angie, I had a very nice and quiet Thanksgiving. Hope yours was a good one as well. I saw a TV special about the before and after of models who were airbrushed. The message to the public was to take a closer look, and know that models are selected for their facial bone structure that the camera loves. Or for the sought after elongated look of their face, body, etc., to wear the makeup and clothing designs that are “out of this world” and certainly from another dimension that doesn’t exist except on runways and during photo shoots. It’s all about the hype to get noticed and make the sale.

    After all is said and done with the air-brushing, the model washes off her face and looks especially a part among every day society. “If they (the public) could only see me now.” What a difference to see an extraordinarily ordinary person who got paid to do her job because of great cheek bones or having a “Twiggy” body—remember her??

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