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Be Sure!

With the KEY to…

A negative thought came to my mind.
He wore a charming smile
And I was sorely tempted to invite him in awhile. 
He said, “You’ve been misunderstood,
Mistreated and maligned.
I’ll help you cry your heart out
If you’ll let me come inside”
But, I kept my windows fastened
And my doors securely closed,
For I knew I’d be the loser
If I let him take control

For negative thoughts can multiply
And crowd the positives out
And make the mind a cesspool of anxiety and doubt.

And so I told the negative thought
I could not let him in.
He went his way, but I am sure that he’ll return again.

But no more will I greet him
With a welcome or a smile
And never will I entertain him even for a while.

I’ll fill my mind with positive thoughts and on the door install

A sign which reads, “DO NOT DISTURB”
When negative comes to call

For tho’ he knocks a thousand times
And yet, a thousand more,
He cannot dominate my mind
If I don’t open up the door.

Author Unknown


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