“Did You Set the Right Goals?” by Ann Vertel

Since posting last on August 2, 2009, I have gone back through some readings and found what I feel to be the single most important reading regarding goal setting.  There is an absolute profound need to implement realistic goal setting in order to clearly see the direction of the outcome of goals.  Was the goal met or was the goal not met?  No guesswork when applying the learned coaching advice as shared by Unit Coach, Ann Vertel.  Thank you Ann for providing a crystal clear picture of being able to ask this question, “Did You Set the Right Goals?”  I am able to evaluate my goals and see real results.  Great information that I have benefited from.

No concern about it being the New Year or not.  Any day is the perfect day to get going with setting the right goals in your business!

“Did You Set the Right Goals?” – by Ann Vertel, Unit Coach

Welcome to the New Year. Your year. Lots of people have made resolutions and set goals. Ugh!!!! It can seem like such a chore and often feels depressing or pointless because somewhere around the end of February you can’t remember what they were and have no idea how you’re doing. Let’s make it simple.

First, let’s look at a few examples of what a goal is not:

make more money
sell more product
recruit more people
work smarter
really watch what I eat
You may be very resolute (thus the term resolution) about doing those things but don’t fool yourself into thinking they are goals. Being resolute has to do with desire – you want to achieve the goal. But if you can’t measure how you’re doing, you’ll never know if you did it!

Now see if you can identify the common thread in the following examples that are goals:

put product on 30 faces by noon on the last day of this month
present the marketing plan to 10 people by midnight on the 25th of this month
speak to all my customers by close of business on the 15th of next month
get contact information for 20 new people by 3 p.m. this Friday
qualify for my car by midnight on June 30th
Unless your goal specifies “how much” and “by when” it is not a goal, it is a wish.

To achieve a goal, it must be quantifiable – it can be measured. You either achieve it or you don’t, there’s no gray area.

Set all your goals – daily, weekly, monthly, yearly – based on the mantra, “How Much, By When?” and you’ll be able to determine, without any ambiguity, if you met your goal or not.

In the past, you may have chosen not to set measurable goals because it made you feel “locked in” to something and forced you to look at your business with logic and facts instead of wishful thinking.

But you’re serious about being successful now, aren’t you?

Without goals that you answer the question “how much, by when?” it’s much too easy to let yourself off the hook or to think you’re on track when you’re not. This year, set real goals and watch your dreams become reality.

Wishing you the most successful, powerful, and profitable New Year yet!

No go have a POWERFUL day!




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2 responses to ““Did You Set the Right Goals?” by Ann Vertel

  1. Hi, thanks for visiting me ~ we haven’t “spoken” for a while!

    This post took me back in time ~ I used to work as an estate agent (senior manager) a few years ago. It was a well paid profession with a lot of kudos attached BUT the price I paid for it, was having to work in a completely goal and target orientated environment. This wouldn’t have mattered BUT the goals and targets were set by the most senior members of the company (a huge company with over 800 offices) and they were mostly unrealistic, unachievable and therefore de-moralizing. They were set daily, weekly and monthly ~ which meant most people failed daily (and weekly and monthly). In retrospect, I sometimes think the targets were set deliberately high in order that the company made maximum profit without having to pay out bonuses. So for the company it was win/win.

    So my advice is: when you set your own goals, as well as making sure they are quantifiable (“How Much, By When?”) ~ also make sure they are realistic. Because unrealistic goals inevitably lead to failure, which in turn is demoralizing.
    However, I’d be the first to agree that realistic targets/goals are essential ~ because they focus the mind, and your actions and then when you achieve them, you feel euphoric and successful and motivated.

    Good luck.

  2. No love by far for companies who work that strategy. They line their pockets, not ours. Very good points Author. Thank you for sharing and for your visit too! Sweet and precious pumpkin was just too cute for words! Congrats again on the arrival of your new granddaughter. I’m certain that everyone is beaming with joy!

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