The Rose


A friend in Christ, a Mary Kay sister, shared this rose with me.  I just love it.  The beauty of the rose aligns itself with my balance and journey in life.  Soft, fragile, aromatic reminders of the path my life holds each day.  The choices before me as I travel just a closer walk with Him.  Putting God first in my life, my family second, my career third.  It is exactly the correct sequence.  Years ago, I gave my life to Christ and will follow Him all of my days.  Thanking Mary Kay women out there who accept these priorities as Mary Kay Ash did and as I do also.  This site is dedicated in just a closer walk with thee, Lord.



2 responses to “The Rose

  1. Pink Biz,
    So happy that you are doing this, We all need some inspiration especially now. I will be checking in on you girlfriend!
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Had to comment here, too. I love your passage here. Very nice. Our unit’s symbol is the rose. 🙂

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