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The Goal

Dreams with Deadlines

I like this saying.  I REALLY like it.

We set goals all the time. Sometimes those goals result in less than satisfactory outcomes. Have you ever wondered why that is? One explanation is because the goals have been left open-ended. Not giving our objective a target to completion leads to unfulfilled aspirations and ambitions.

Here are five reasons that goals need deadlines.

1. Deadlines avoid procrastination. What is the first thing you think about when there is something to do? Do you try to find a way to put it off? Many people do exactly that all the time. The car is making a funny noise but it still runs so you put off getting it looked at by a mechanic. Then, one day it doesn’t run and the need is immediate. Without a deadline, the achievement of a goal can drag on forever.

2. Deadlines hold you accountable. Every goal needs a way that it can be tracked or measured. When there is a set time or due date for your goals, it’s easier to plan how you will actually achieve it. Setting several deadlines for small goals within a larger goal increases your chances of success. Also, others can help you stay on track when there is a deadline.

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“Did You Set the Right Goals?” by Ann Vertel

Since posting last on August 2, 2009, I have gone back through some readings and found what I feel to be the single most important reading regarding goal setting.  There is an absolute profound need to implement realistic goal setting in order to clearly see the direction of the outcome of goals.  Was the goal met or was the goal not met?  No guesswork when applying the learned coaching advice as shared by Unit Coach, Ann Vertel.  Thank you Ann for providing a crystal clear picture of being able to ask this question, “Did You Set the Right Goals?”  I am able to evaluate my goals and see real results.  Great information that I have benefited from.

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Mary Kay Opportunity

Don’t Fall for Work-From-Home Scams

Advice on Distinguishing Legitimate Job Opportunities From Scams


Aug. 26, 2008 —


Your e-mails about working from home continue to dominate the “Good Morning America Web Site.”  Many of you say scams are a major concern and worry about Web sites and ads that prey upon people who need to earn money from home.

For many of us, being asked to pay money to make money sounds contradictory, but this isn’t always a sign of a fraud. One example of a legitimate “pay first” opportunity is Mary Kay cosmetics. New sales agents are asked to spend $100 on a starter kit, which includes the tools and training to get going as an independent representative. In fact, many direct sales companies want prospective agents to make an investment in the company to show they’re serious about the opportunity.

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The BIG Picture

Not many companies are more admired than Mary Kay, Inc.

      –  US Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (Texas)  

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Making a First Impression



We only get one chance to make a First Impression!

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D.I.S.C. – Personalities


(Career-focused, Results-oriented)
They want RESULTS

(Recognition-focused, People-oriented)

(Security-focused, Family-oriented)

(Analytically-focused, Detail-oriented)
They want DATA 

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Seasonal Sales: Halloween


What will you be for HALL-O-WEEN?

As Party Plan People, we all wear different “hats” in our businesses:
consultant, leader, salesperson, teacher –
So this season, to have a little fun, let’s do the TWIST and look at
the kind of costumes you can wear to add more
Sweet Successes and Juicy Profits to your business:


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