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“Did You Set the Right Goals?” by Ann Vertel

Since posting last on August 2, 2009, I have gone back through some readings and found what I feel to be the single most important reading regarding goal setting.  There is an absolute profound need to implement realistic goal setting in order to clearly see the direction of the outcome of goals.  Was the goal met or was the goal not met?  No guesswork when applying the learned coaching advice as shared by Unit Coach, Ann Vertel.  Thank you Ann for providing a crystal clear picture of being able to ask this question, “Did You Set the Right Goals?”  I am able to evaluate my goals and see real results.  Great information that I have benefited from.

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David Cooper 85 second close

to Sell Sets, Book Classes, & Schedule Interviews

(In that order)

35 Second Sets Close

__________, were you as excited about how good you looked in the mirror as much as I believe you were?  You know your situation a whole lot better than I do, so it’s up to you –  I’ll work with you either way.  Would you like to splurge and have the extra touch of class that comes with our Premier Collection or would it make more sense right now to just start with our Complete collection?  Whichever you would rather do will certainly be fine with me.  [Break eye contact and allow her to respond]  Excellent choice, would you like to put it on MasterCard, Visa, or cash?  [Discuss payment plan option].

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