Merry Christmas

I will be making a conscious effort to wish everyone

a Merry Christmas this year …

My way of saying that I am celebrating

the birth Of Jesus Christ.

So, I am asking my online buddies,

if you agree with me,

to please do the same.

And if you’ll pass this on to

your online buddies (link here), and so on…

maybe we can prevent one more

American tradition from being lost in the sea of

“Political Correctness”.

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“Did You Set the Right Goals?” by Ann Vertel

Since posting last on August 2, 2009, I have gone back through some readings and found what I feel to be the single most important reading regarding goal setting.  There is an absolute profound need to implement realistic goal setting in order to clearly see the direction of the outcome of goals.  Was the goal met or was the goal not met?  No guesswork when applying the learned coaching advice as shared by Unit Coach, Ann Vertel.  Thank you Ann for providing a crystal clear picture of being able to ask this question, “Did You Set the Right Goals?”  I am able to evaluate my goals and see real results.  Great information that I have benefited from.

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Give Yourself a Goal


Do yourself a favor and give yourself a goal. Make it meaningful, make it exciting, make it challenging and then make it happen.

Set your goal a little bit beyond what you already know you can do. Then when you reach it you’ll not only have the achievement, you’ll also have an increased level of confidence.

As long as you’re making the effort to live this day, give it a purpose. Give yourself a goal, and transform fleeting time into lasting accomplishment.

From where you are, you can go anywhere. One by one, the goals you set will get you there.

Working steadily and persistently toward a goal will energize all aspects of your life and bring the awesome power of focus to your efforts. There’s truly no feeling quite like it.

Challenge yourself forward with a great and meaningful goal. Give yourself a goal, and make yourself some real treasure.

— Ralph Marston

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Business Booming For Cosmetics

CBS reporting on February 14, 2009

Business Booming For Cosmetics

Almost every facet of the economy has been severely hampered by the recession. But, as Richard Schlesinger reports, business has been booming for many in the cosmetics industry.

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Happy New Year!

Thursday, January 1, 2009
A year from now

Where will you be a year from now? Where would you most like to be?

There is so much you’ve learned and experienced on your journey to this day. Imagine what you can now do with it all.

This new year is a grand opportunity, filled with promise and possibilities. Choose now the very best of those possibilities, and know that you have the power to bring them to life.

You will spend this coming year moving in one direction or another. Commit now to making that direction the one that will take you toward what you sincerely desire.

Life in each moment is influenced by your presence and participation. As this new year unfolds, continue to make that influence a positive and fulfilling one.

Consider today where you would like to be a year from now. For now is the beginning of the year in which you can truly make it happen.

— Ralph Marston




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Be Sure!

With the KEY to…

A negative thought came to my mind.
He wore a charming smile
And I was sorely tempted to invite him in awhile. 
He said, “You’ve been misunderstood,
Mistreated and maligned.
I’ll help you cry your heart out
If you’ll let me come inside”
But, I kept my windows fastened
And my doors securely closed,
For I knew I’d be the loser
If I let him take control

For negative thoughts can multiply
And crowd the positives out
And make the mind a cesspool of anxiety and doubt.

And so I told the negative thought
I could not let him in.
He went his way, but I am sure that he’ll return again.

But no more will I greet him
With a welcome or a smile
And never will I entertain him even for a while.

I’ll fill my mind with positive thoughts and on the door install

A sign which reads, “DO NOT DISTURB”
When negative comes to call

For tho’ he knocks a thousand times
And yet, a thousand more,
He cannot dominate my mind
If I don’t open up the door.

Author Unknown

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Beauty of a Woman

“I like looking at beautiful women. We all like looking at beautiful women.” – Meredith Vieira, The View  (former View co-host), The Today Show, Who Wants To Be a Millionarie. 

Did you know that April was beautiful Women month? I didn’t.

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