Know Me


To Know Me

Is to know things that soothe me…

  • a soft pillow and fluffy comforter
  • a pedicure “with the works”
  • a bubblebath
  • gentle rain
  • aromatherapy massage with warm neck wrap
  • a candlelit dinner

Is to know things that intrigue me…

  • all aspects of nature’s beauty
  • the animal kingdom
  • teenagers
  • changes taking place in the world today
  • a philosophical discussion
  • what heaven will be like

Is to know things that fascinate me…

  • butterflies
  • children
  • people watching
  • Christmas lights
  • electronics
  • the elderly

Is to know things that encourage me…

  • my husband
  • my dear daughters
  • my own will
  • my personal desires
  • a great read
  • positivity
  • a great mentor

Is to know things that I absolutely love

  • the angelic voice of Josh Groban
  • playing the piano since age 6
  • my daughter who plays violin
  • the opera
  • the ballet
  • the symphony
  • my love for music
  • singing and dancing
  • ice cream
  • walking barefoot in the grass
  • God
  • my family
  • Mary Kay
  • delicious mexican food
  • chinese takeout
  • an array of seafood

Is to know things I cherish

  • a good heart
  • memories of loved ones
  • my closest friends
  • college days
  • a fulfilled life
  • being a spirit-filled Christian
  • a vibrant blue sky with billowing white clouds
  • mementos from my travels

Is to know things that I value

  • God’s gift of beauty in the creation of women
  • a wise woman
  • a gentleman
  • a unique experience
  • days past
  • a faithful mate
  • a loving parent
  • a teacher long remembered

3 responses to “Know Me

  1. Wishing you a healthy and happy and prosperous New year 2009. Take care.

  2. Thank you Author! I appreciate you, and wish you and yours the best year ever!! May this year bring fulfillment to all you desire!

  3. Hi. I was looking to find out if you knew anything about a blogger who hasn’t been on for awhile. Her name is Angie and she had a political blog called If you have any info I would appreciate it! Thanks!

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